We as companies have a massive impact on the world.

This power can be harnessed for achieving great things. Let’s make this a Big Deal and reduce emissions:

1 000 000 TONNES

What is the Big Deal?

The goal of the Big Deal campaign is to mitigate climate change by reducing climate warming carbon emissions by one million tonnes by 2030. A million tonnes is a big deal: it equals 8,000,000 trips by car from Helsinki to Rovaniemi, or the annual carbon footprint of 100,000 people in Finland.

The Big Deal campaign is organized and administered by S Group, a Finnish network of companies operating in the retail and service sectors.

A Big Deal for climate

Climate change is progressing faster than expected. If we continue this way, according to the most concerning estimates, global warming may exceed 6 °C in this century. In order to avoid exceeding the critical limit of 2 °C, we must take action together. As companies, we can reduce the

climate impacts of our products and services, thereby helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint. This is also something our customers have expressed passion for. With this campaign, we can join forces to show that one of the great challenges of our time is also on our agenda.

The Big Deal is not only for companies: all of our customers are welcome to join forces with us in helping to blow up the Big Deal during May. Stay tuned!

How the campaign progresses

Invitation to partner companies on 16 April

Invitation to customers during May

Progress towards the targets will be monitored annually until 2030.

Who can participate?

All S Group partners are invited to join the campaign. You can participate either by setting reduction targets or by taking other measures to reduce emissions. You can reduce your emissions, for example, by:

Increasing the use of renewable energy

Improving energy efficiency

Developing products that create less emissions

Here is how you can participate


Think of ways that your company can reduce your emissions. Once you have calculated your emissions, set a target for reducing them. You can participate in the campaign with smaller or bigger emission reductions – every act counts.


Fill out the form and register your company. Tell us about your targets and climate acts for participating in the campaign.


Share the Big Deal. You may have your climate targets and acts on this site and you may share this site on your own channels. You can download campaign material (in Finnish) below and share your participation in the Big Deal. #isojuttu


Report your progress on meeting your targets. We monitor the progress of the Big Deal through annual reporting. Partners who have joined the campaign will receive additional information regarding reporting.

What is S Group doing?

S Group is committed to reducing its own emissions:

  • By 40 per cent by the end of 2025 and
  • By 60 per cent by the end of 2030 from a 2015 baseline.


We will reduce our emissions first and foremost by improving our energy efficiency and by increasing our use of renewable energy. We will also keep reducing our food waste and developing material recycling.

Currently, renewable energy accounts for around 60 per cent of our electricity consumption. S Group has for years invested in its own wind power, and this year we are initialising the largest solar power project in Finland. Within a year, 37,000 solar panels will be installed on 40 of our outlets. The panels produce electricity for outlets such as Prismas and S-markets.

However, the climate impact of S Group’s own operations are only a fraction of the impacts of the entire value chain. Over 90 per cent of emissions are created during product manufacturing and use. This is why S Group’s partners play a significant role in reducing emissions throughout the value chain. Partners can also make cost savings by various means, such as improving energy efficiency, increasing the use of renewable energy, reducing waste and by optimising packaging materials.



The goal of S Group’s Big Deal campaign is to reduce its S Group value chain carbon emissions by one million tonnes by 2030. S Group will reduce the scope 1 and 2 emissions from its own operations by 40 per cent by 2025, and 60 per cent by 2030 from a 2015 baseline. Since our results have more impact together, we want to encourage and inspire our business partners to join us in reducing emissions.  

We think that a million tonnes is quite a big deal – it is equivalent to eight million trips by car from Helsinki to Rovaniemi, or the annual carbon footprint of 100,000 people in Finland.  

All product and service suppliers who have a direct contractual relationship to S Group can participate in the campaign. Suppliers further in the value chain can contact a customer of their own who has a contractual relationship with S Group, and can then participate in the campaign with that customer.

According to the Sustainable Brand Index survey, most people in Finland think that companies should prioritise combatting climate change. At the same time, nearly as many believe that everyone should act for the good of the climate. And many are concerned about the impact of their own actions.

Companies can reduce the climate impact of our products and services and thus help our customers to reduce their carbon footprint. With the campaign, we can demonstrate that this issue that concerns the consumers is important to us as well. To those suppliers who participate in the campaign S Group offers visibility among others on the campaign website.

Participation in the Big Deal campaign requires above all the will to reduce supplier’s own climate impact. Participation requires supplier either to set a reduction target or take other measures to reduce emissions in the coming years. The plans don’t need to be ready to be able to join but it is good the supplier company to screen and calculate greenhouse gas emissions and commit to reducing emissions.

When you join, you can choose one of three ways to get involved in the campaign:

  • 1) Our company already has an emissions reduction target
  • 2) We are committed to setting a science-based emissions reduction target by 2023
  • 3) We are participating in the climate campaign with other emissions reduction measures


We encourage you to participate in the campaign as soon as possible so that emissions are reduced fast enough. The climate campaign extends until 2030, so it is a long-term process and the targets can be updated along the way.

The registered partner companies are invited annually to report to S Group annually on their emissions reductions and on the measures being taken. The S Group will then externally communicate about the number of suppliers who have joined and emissions reductions achieved.

Setting a target and calculating emissions reductions

A science-based target is a good starting point for a climate target and thus recommended. Science-based targets takes into account the goal of the Paris Climate Agreement to limit the global temperature rise below two degrees compared to pre-industrial age.

The Science Based Target initiative offers companies with guidance, methods and tools to setting an emissions reduction target. You can read more a: http://sciencebasedtargets.org/

Also other methods can be used to setting an emissions reduction target but it’s good to keep in mind the needed level of ambition in so that the global targets can be achieved.

A good emissions reduction target is measurable, specific, time bound and sufficiently ambitious.

The target can be absolute or relative. Some examples of targets are:

  • We will reduce emissions from our own operations by 30 percent by 2030 from a 2015 baseline.
  • We will reduce emissions per sales/tonne produced by 30 percent by 2030 from a 2015 baseline.  


You should set the target from your own starting point. For example, an energy efficiency agreement that your company is committed to can serve as the basis for the target. By calculating emissions for the saved energy based on the target set in the agreement, you can also build a foundation for the climate goal.

Depending on the maturity of your company’s sustainability work, your goal may cover your own activities (so-called scope 1 and 2) or extend further to your value chain (scope 3).

We recommend setting an emissions reduction target. However, if you want to participate without the emission reduction target, you can report the emission reductions annually, and report on the measures taken to reduce the emissions.

Welcome aboard! In this case, the emissions reductions made after 2015 will count towards the target, which can be calculated in relation to the 2015 emissions level. In practice, for example, the goals set for 2017 or 2020 can be taken into account in the campaign. However, it is good to prepare to set the target, preferably based on science, as far ahead as possible after the current target year, even until 2030.

Guidance for calculating greenhouse gas emissions is offered by, for example, GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard and in Finland by Motiva. A small-or medium-sized company can calculate estimated greenhouse gas emissions for its operation, for example, with this calculator by Clonet (in Finnish): https://www.ilmastobisnes.fi/paastolaskuri/

Yes, you certainly can. We encourage you to calculate your emissions, and we can help you to do that if needed. However, you can also participate in the campaign without calculating your emissions if you know that your emissions have decreased, for example through energy efficiency or use of renewable energy. In this case, we ask you to report your energy consumption and energy sources of each reporting period to S Group, and we can calculate emissions and emission reductions for you.

“Emissions reduction” refers to the absolute or relative reduction of emissions during a certain period following from energy savings, use of renewable energy or other active changes to operations. An emissions reduction is a change that has achieved through active measures. Absolute emission reductions are not dependent, for example, on the development of sales or production, while the relative emissions reduction takes into account, for example, the growth in production volume or sales.

Reporting to S Group

We will monitor the number of suppliers involved in the climate campaign and the achieved emission reductions on an annual basis.

Reporting is collected annually in the autumn with a survey questionnaire. Supplier’s emission reductions for 2016-2017 will be collected in October 2018. A link to the survey will be sent to the supplier contact person together with more detailed reporting instructions by the end of September. Suppliers will have one month to complete the survey.

There are three options for reporting:

1) Emissions reductions calculated by the supplier

2) Activity data provided by the supplier (e.g. fuel or energy consumption data) from which the S Group calculates the emissions

3) Supplier’s CDP Climate Change survey response to question CC3.3b if the company answers the CDP Climate questionnaire


1) The survey asks for data on suppliers’ emission reductions in relation to 2015 levels, i.e.

  • Measure taken
  • Estimated emission reduction due to the measure, as carbon dioxide equivalents
  • The scope of action (own action or value chain)


2) The survey asks for information on suppliers’ activity data, on the basis of which emissions are calculated

  • Measure taken
  • Saved energy (kWh, kg, etc.) thanks to the measure
  • Energy form (electricity, district heating, oil, gas, biomass, etc.)
  • The energy grid area
  • The scope of action (own action or value chain)

3) If the company is in charge of CDP’s Climate Change or Supply Chain question, the company may authorize the S Group to use the CDP answer CC3.3b directly

  • In this case, the S Group’s share of the emission reduction, for example a percentage of the company’s sales, will be reported in the survey


The reported data will be aggregated and published in March of the following year as part of the S Group’s annual and sustainability review and the Big Deal campaign site. We will also communicate of the progress of the target every year in other ways.

We recommend reporting only S-Group’s share of your sales.

For the allocation, for example the share of S Group purchases by volume in EUR from the sales of a supplier can be used. There is no need to extend the allocation to the product group or product level.

The participating suppliers are responsible for the quality and accuracy of the data they report. S Group recommends but does not require verification or assurance of the information by an independent third party.

It’s great that you already report to CDP about your climate impact. With your consent S Group may use your CDP responses for the data collection, so no separate reporting is required. If necessary, you can still detail S Group’s share of your overall emissions reductions in the S Group survey.

Register your company to participate in the campaign

To register, please fill in the form (in Finnish) and leave your contact information, describe your company measures, your climate target and/or the measures to reduce emissions.

Because the campaign is primarily in Finnish, registration and information provided should also be in Finnish.

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Download campaign material (in Finnish)

We offer ready made campaign assets which you can use to promote your participation in this campaign.